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Sweet:Why d'you run away?

Don't you like my style?

Why don't you come and play?

I guarantee a great big smile

I come from the imagination

And I'm here strictly bye your invocation

So what do you say?

Why don't we dance a while?

I'm the heart of swing

I'm the twist and shout

When you gotta sing,

When you gotta let it out

You call me and I come runnin'

I turn the music on

I bring the fun in

Now we're partying

That's what it's all about

'Cause I know what you feel girl

I know just what you feel girl

Dawn: So you're like a good demon? Bringing the fun in?

Sweet: All these melodies they go on too long

Then that energy starts to come on

Way too strong

All those hearts laid open that must sting

Plus some customers just starts combusting

That's the penalty

When life is but a song

You brought me down and doomed this town

So when we blow this scene

Back we will go to my kingdom below

And you will be my queen

'Cause I know what you feel, girl

Dawn: No you see

you and me

wouldn't be very regal

Sweet: and I'll make it real, girl

Dawn: What I mean

I'm fifteen

so this queen thing's illegal

Sweet: I can bring whole cities to ruin

And still have time to get a soft shoe in

Dawn: No that's great

but I'm late

and I'd hate to delay her

Sweet: Something's cookin' - I'm at the griddle

I bought Nero his very first fiddle

Dawn: She'll get pissed

if I missed

see my sister's the Slayer

Sweet: The Slayer?

Dawn: Eee.....yuh-huh

Sweet: Find her. Tell her....tell her everything, just get her here.

I wanna see the Slayer burn....

Now we're partying

That's what it's all about.